Internet Access Burstable

The perfect alternative

The Internet Access Burstable is the perfect alternative for companies that need a constant internet connection, high-speed and flexible at peak traffic variations.

The possibility of increasing the bandwidth depending on your traffic is a reliable and scalable solution considering that both the guaranteed bandwidth and the maximum limit are exclusively reserved to the customer.

The technical solution offer by Internet Access Burstable includes the following physical elements:

  • Internet access through our IP network
  • Upon request, equipment for your office
  • Port in PoP GTS
  • Local access line


The flexibility and scalability of this service are done by increasing the speed and/or by implementing additional services that can increase its capacity.
Top-notch reliability and performance guaranteed by our SLA.
Full assistance and support 24/7.
End-to-end management by handling the entire service, up to the connectivity interface from the client’s office.
Rapid interventions and a wide range of access technologies.
Data transfer is made fast and secure anywhere in the world thanks to our global partners.