More bandwidth and higher-quality

The internet is changing the business world every day. Internet users want more bandwidth and higher-quality so they can take full advantage of the latest online applications.

Whether you need video streaming, access to cloud platforms or simply to disseminate the latest news through social networks, Media Connective provides efficient and flexible solutions that meet the specific requirements of user connectivity.

Connect your business with Media Connective

The internet has transformed the way business is done today. Your company uses the internet to access data, share information, sell products and services, perform tasks remotely and so on. The internet continues to evolve by developing new communication tools.

In order to develop your business, you need a powerful and reliable internet connection. Media Connective offers internet connectivity with guaranteed high-quality symmetrical bandwidth. This key element will help your teams to gather critical information faster while allowing your business to focus on the core activities.


  • You can connect any location thanks to a wide variety of options that allow you to access the symmetrical bandwidth
  • Secure and guaranteed bandwidth
  • Scalable solutions that will make it easy for you to expand your business
  • Top-notch reliability guaranteed by our SLA
  • Assistance and support 24/7
  • Increased productivity thanks to smart applications
  • Competitive fixed rates

This service can be delivered via multiple types of circuits such as: SHDSL, professional wireless connections point-to-point or point-to-multipoint optical fiber. You can choose from different type of bandwidth between 1Mbps up to 10Gbps. Our solutions offer premium internet access that provides high-speed internet connection which is also symmetrical, not shared and guaranteed within our SLA parameters. Media Connective comes with ideal solutions for customers who want a professional high-speed internet service, fully managed, that can also provide:

  • Improved business operation through fast access to information
  • A better online experience for the customer support department
  • Continuous access to market information
  • Uninterrupted access to applications in the Cloud
  • Simplified selling processes through e-commerce platforms
  • New channels of communication and online marketing