Trusted by thousands of customers

Our experience made it easy for us to expand and offer the services customers needed. We allow our subscribers to use their system anywhere in the world because we offer a reliable, low-cost VoIP service, trusted by thousands of customers around the world.

The VoIP advantages:

  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Advanced services: voicemail, conferences etc.
  • Virtualization: users around the world are connected
  • Mobility: using mobiles with internet access makes it easy to call at no additional cost
  • Portability: it’s easy to keep the existing phone numbers if you migrate from another provider.

Media Connective offers a top-notch phone service using only your Internet connection. Now you don’t have to use costly methods to contact your friends, family or business partners. From now on you can easily be reached from any network.

Extra features included in the VoIP services: